Social and cultural progress lags way behind advances in science and technology. Increasingly, our social systems are becoming empty shells that will eventually collapse once our belief in them evaporates.

"I believe the world can change in startling ways. Amazing things are possible."

This century has seen the human race make great strides in science and technology. We have walked on the moon, eradicated diseases, unleashed the power of the atom. Yet culturally we are in many ways still living in the Middle Ages. It is a reflection of the control those in power have over our consciousness that whenever someone dares suggest ways to perfect our political/social/economic system, they are dismissed as a hopeless idealist or a nut.

I believe the world can change in startling ways. Amazing things are possible. When social or political systems are empty shells they can collapse quickly, just as Communism did. The only thing that supports our present reality is our belief in it. We can hasten the destruction of that reality and undermine the antiquated values and institutions that prop it up by living our own truth.

Now we stumble through the rubble of the old world toward a new millennium. As decline advances, new forms come into focus—the outline of a new world. Yet some institutions seem stronger than ever: multinational corporations, the media, religion. These seem destined to survive, at least in some form. We must struggle to destroy such institutions, or transform them so they promote human dignity rather than degrade it. Once we truly believe things can change, and begin to act on our most utopian dreams, we may find there is no limit to our human potential.



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