Fragments #1 was originally published in 1996. It features 36 pages of essays, quotes, graphics and photos. The theme is "Disintegration"—social decay, the breakdown of authority, the breakup of mass culture, the decline of civilization, the end of the world. Ultimately, it expresses a tentatively optimistic view of humanity's future.

This issue of Fragments takes the position that many of our most cherished social values and institutions have become obsolete: militarism, consumerism, nationalism, conservatism, hierarchy, patriarchy, political revolution. Our failure to adapt ourselves to new conditions results in alienation, social disruption and chaos.


I did the original Fragments #1 layout in an early version of Microsoft Word. For graphics I used Paintshop Pro. Because I used a primitive Windows laptop that had very little free hard drive space, I ended up using over a hundred floppy disks for storing graphics. Needless to say, the project required a lot of patience.

Because the original file would no longer display properly with current versions of Word, I had to completely redo the layout on my Mac using Adobe InDesign. I tried to reproduce the original format as faithfully as possible, warts and all. Most of the fonts are identical, or at least similar to the originals. Text flow is pretty similar as well.

This PDF requires Acrobat Reader 6.x or later to view and print. The file is about 4.3 MB, which means will take roughly thirteen minutes to download on a dialup connection.

The original Fragments #1 was printed on a Xerox DocuTech printer and saddle-stitched as an 8.5" x 11" booklet. To view the document as an open booklet (two pages at once) in Acrobat Reader, choose View -> Page Layout -> Facing.

If you don't have Acrobat Reader (it's free), click HERE to download the latest version from the Adobe Web site.