A brief thought on how fear is used to control us.

"Fear makes us the instruments of Power. When we are afraid, we obey."

Fear is instilled in us at an early age and infects our perceptions throughout our lives. We are taught to be afraid of crime, afraid of losing our jobs, afraid of AIDS, afraid of immigrants, afraid of the Russians (or the Moslems), afraid of terrorism, afraid of chaos, afraid of failure, afraid of not being loved, afraid of going to hell. All these apprehensions are seized on and magnified by the media, the government, the corporations and the Church, whipping us into a frenzy of fear.

Those in power use fear to manipulate and control us. Fear makes us the instruments of Power. When we are afraid, we obey. When we are afraid, we will do anything to feel safer.

Afraid of crime? Hire more police and build more prisons.

Afraid of unemployment? Work harder.

Afraid of AIDS? Don't have sex.

Afraid of immigrants? Keep them out.

Afraid of foreigners? Bomb the hell out of them.

Afraid of terrorism? Restrict civil liberties.

Afraid of chaos? Support the status quo.

Afraid of failure? Don't take chances.

Afraid of being alone? Conform.

Afraid of going to hell? Obey the Church.

Fear limits our freedom, keeps us from enjoying life to its fullest, prevents us from reaching our true human potential. Fear is why we do everything.

May 2001


Fear Based Control
A libertarian rants about how government and media scare tactics frighten people into voluntarily relinquishing their liberty in exchange for safety.

Endless Fake Terror Alerts: Fear Based Mind Control
Some examples of how the government and media use fabricated terrorist threats to frighten us into submission.

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