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This section includes stories, poetry, fantasies and creative writing exercises, some of them inspired by dreams.

This is a bleak short short story about failed lives and middle age angst.

"We should have a lot of things," I said. "We've got too much of what we want and not enough of what we need."

Antonin Artaud is a short fantasy about the man who identified the theater of cruelty.

"Artaud the quiet outlaw, the frenzied actor, the carrier of plague and deadly force…"

The King Who Ruled Nothing is a whimsical parable about a cruel king who ended up a lonely pauper when his subjects stopped obeying his commands.

"The men think?" screamed the King. "What do I care what the men think? The men do not rule this kingdom—I do. Hang the men who will not fight."

The Tunnel is a dream-like fantasy about fear, alienation and war in the suburbs from a young boy's point of view.

"Just before I got to the tunnel, all hell broke loose. The sky lit up along the horizon in the north like a fireworks display. I could hear the pounding of artillery and rocket fire and feel the vibration deep in my chest."

Creative exercises (at least they're short).

Nightmare is a dream about nuclear war and its aftermath.

"I am gripped by terror, a premonition of physical mutilation, like a horrible slashing of my internal organs."


D. Harlan Wilson
Irreal short stories by D. Harlan Wilson. Absurd, disorienting, highly amusing.

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