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On the pages below you can find photographs I shot in Los Angeles and Prague, along with some essays and commentary. There are also a few photo-collages.

I shot the photographs on these pages when I was living in Los Angeles. I am especially attracted to images of urban decay and social disintegration. Included are some facts and commentary about poverty and homelessness.

I was living in Los Angeles during the 1992 Rodney King uprising and was able to shoot some photos of the devastation and attempts by authorities to restore order. The commentary includes personal stories, facts about the riots and some background on the King beating and subsequent trials of the police officers involved.

On these pages you can find photo essays about my trip to Prague in 1998. I focus on the aspects of Czech history, culture and character that interest me and attracted me to Prague. One major theme that emerges is the Czech's reputation for integrity and their willingness to stand up for their beliefs regardless of the consequences. The Jan Hus and Jan Palach stories particularly reflect this idea.

Here are four graphics constructed primarily of images from magazines, postcards and my own photos. I can't remember when I did most of them and I have no idea what any of them mean. Included is some commentary about the MX missile and nuclear weapons.